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Traditional Garage DoorLicensing is very important

Owner, Dick Grimes is licensed and registered with the Contractors Registration Board in Cape Coral ( #8552), Cape Coral Finish Carpentry Contractor Lic # 61985 and Lee County (GD01-00587) for garage door installation as well as finish carpentry (FC13-00544). These licenses are not local Business Tax Receipt License Numbers (formally known an Occupational License). Local Business Tax Receipts are Just Tax and are non-regulatory and do regulate or guarantee the workmanship or scope of work performed. Our licenses are from the Constructors Registration Board. Dick Grimes is a licensed Specialty Contractor. Testing is required to get this license and we are required to have insurance to maintain this license. These licenses protect the consumer and the business. Most consumers do not understand the difference.

Report Unlicensed contracting

The Door King, LLC is a proud member of the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce and the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association.